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Broken Branches is an animated documentary that tells the story of Michal Rechter, who was only fourteen when she left her home in Poland and traveled to Israel by herself on the eve of the Second World War.  Her family was supposed to join her the following year, but when the war broke it changed everything. 


Ayala Sharot


Ayala Sharot is an independent film director and animator with a fresh approach to documentary film making. A graduate of Central St. Martin’s College, in 2006 she directed "Foreigners", a short animated documentary about foreigners who live in London, which was later adapted for MTV Bloom. Ayala is currently based in Tel Aviv, directing and animating for documentaries, music videos and commercials, alongside with her artistic work. 


Amit Gicelter


Amit Gicelter is an independent filmmaker, graduate of Animation and Film Studies at the University of Westminster in London in 2005 and has been working and creating ever since. 

Creative Director at the Hive Pro Studios in Tel-Aviv, Amit sepcialises in developing content for the visual medium, from feature films to animated commercials. Today Amit lives in Israel and continues to develop projects there and abroad.

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